In a world of fantasy and danger, the only safe haven is the Kingdom of Cats, a cozy cocoon perched high above the forest, surrounded by walls, guards and long since blocked secret passageways. Though this Kingdom is impossible to enter, it’s easy to leave: the slightest act that disturbs lazy King Walter’s peace and quiet will get you banished faster than it takes to say “meow”! That’s precisely what happens to four little kittens – Fib, Precious, Suds, and Ruffles – after a terrible misunderstanding. Their only hope of going home is to find a treasure so splendiferous that the King will forgive their errors. But in order to do so, they will have to survive a thousand dangers, display unthinkable courage, resistance and ingenuity… and most of all, manage to get along!

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13 X 22′
6 – 10 years old